Why Am I Waking Up With a Dry Mouth? Effective Tips to Stop It

September 15, 2023

Why Am I Waking Up With a Dry Mouth? Effective Tips to Stop It
Imagine this: you start the day ready to take on the world, but there is a problem: your mouth’s as dry as cotton! If you are waking up with a dry mouth, it could have many causes. Your mouth needs adequate saliva production in order for overall oral health to remain well. You might be able to get rid of the dryness with a glass of water. Usually, though, there is an underlying reason that requires attention, or further issues might take place. So, why are you waking up with a dry mouth? Read this blog to learn.

Why Do I Have a Dry Mouth When I Wake Up?

Sticky sensations in the mouth, thick saliva, foul odor on your breath, sore throat, and bad taste in your mouth are some signs you may be dealing with dryness in your mouth. Some common reasons it takes place include the following:

  1. Aging: One of the most common reasons our body starts exhibiting symptoms like a dry mouth is aging. As we get older, our body falls victim to many conditions, and our health starts to decline. Our mouth is among the most affected parts of the body, and dryness in the mouth could signify many medical concerns.
  2. Damage to the Neck or Head: If your neck or head undergoes some sort of damage or injury, it can result in a dry mouth. This is because the salivary glands could be harmed when your neck or head suffers an injury. Our mouth and body are connected in such a way that when one undergoes damage, the other experiences the symptoms as well.
  3. Mouth Breathing: Many people breathe through their mouth rather than their nose, which could be more detrimental than they realize. Apart from the negative effects on your face, a significant complication associated with mouth breathing is dryness in the mouth. Visit a good dentist in order to prevent dry mouth as well as mouth breathing!
  4. Snoring: You might be waking up with a dry mouth in the morning because you have a habit or symptom of snoring while you sleep at night. While there are many reasons why you may snore, the end results include dryness in your mouth. So, if you snore during sleep, you may wake up with a dry mouth in the morning. Your oral healthcare provider can help you determine the symptoms and proceed with adequate treatment.
  5. Medications: Many times, waking up with a dry mouth is a result of the medicines you are taking. Check-in with your doctor to see if any prescribed medicines you have been taking are responsible for your dry mouth.

How to Prevent Dry Mouth When You Wake Up

It is always recommended to visit a dentist or oral health care provider, but here are some tips to stop waking up with a dry mouth:

  1. Stay hydrated.
  2. Use a fluoride toothpaste.
  3. Ask your dentist for recommendations on dry mouth moisturizing sprays and oral rinses.
  4. Avoid smoking.
  5. Refrain from having spicy or acidic foods before bed.
  6. Limit your alcohol consumption.
  7. Work on reducing your recreational drug usage.


If you are waking up with a dry mouth, it could be because of mouth breathing, certain medications, damage to the head or neck, snoring, and more. You can talk to a dentist to work on reducing the dryness in your mouth and other associated symptoms.

At Whole Health Dental Center, we offer promising holistic solutions for your dental troubles. Get in touch with us by giving us a ring at (703) 385-6425 or visiting us at 7115 Leesburg Pike Suite 310, Falls Church, VA 22043.

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