Teeth Grinding & Headaches: All You Need to Know

August 30, 2023

If you have an unconscious habit that is bad for your teeth, it will have its effects on other areas of your body, too. Our mind and body are connected as such; when you indulge in teeth grinding and clenching, it will cause pain in your head, jaw, ear, and more, among other symptoms. So, can teeth grinding cause headaches? Continue reading to learn!

What Does A Bruxism Headache Feel Like?

Teeth grinding can cause headaches in your temples, forehead, and the area behind your eyes. This happens because when you grind your teeth, it leads to tension in your neck, head, and jaw, which causes headaches.

Generally, bruxism results in tension headaches, and it can continue for hours or days. You will feel a dull pressure on both sides of your head. The mild aching might be accompanied by muscle soreness in your scalp, neck, and shoulder.

Muscle tension related to bruxism can cause other types of headaches as well, such as cervicogenic headaches or even migraines. If you have a headache caused by teeth grinding, it can be pretty frustrating to deal with. It is better to receive immediate treatment to manage your bruxism and eliminate the associated discomfort.

How Can Teeth Grind Cause Headaches?

Our jaws are pretty strong, and they allow us to bite down around 70 pounds of force per square inch. So when we clench our teeth on purpose, it can double to 140 pounds per square inch — which, according to experts, only increases up to 700 when we indulge in bruxism at night. This amount of force can put significant strain on the temporomandibular joint and the surrounding muscles.

Our TMJ is located at the base of the skull, connecting the skull to our jaw. Due to teeth grinding, the muscles, tendons, and joints involved become exhausted. So when someone grinds or clenches their teeth, the resulting tension reaches the head and neck, translating into a headache and soreness in the muscles throughout your face, head, neck, and even shoulders.

If you already suffer from migraine headaches, the dull headache will trigger an onset of severe migraines.

Teeth Grinding Headache Relief

The best way to relieve your headache is to treat your habit of teeth grinding. Bruxism can result in chronic headaches, but you can always address the issue to reduce the discomfort. There are effective holistic treatments that can help reduce bruxism in adults and children, which eliminates other discomforts caused by teeth grinding as well. Apart from professional treatments, here are some remedies for temporary relief:

  1. Try deep breathing, meditation, and other strategies to reduce your stress.
  2. Apply a warm compress to the areas that have pain and discomfort.
  3. Take over-the-counter medicines to alleviate the pain.
  4. Refrain from having alcohol or coffee; they can make the symptoms worse.
  5. Keep up with regular dental check-ups to address bruxism early on!

To Wrap it Up

You can experience many painful symptoms as a result of teeth grinding, including headaches. Bruxism can lead to tension, which can turn into a headache and pain in other areas.

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