Second Opinion Service

Why Seek Second Opinion Service (SOS)?

Major dental work can be even more expensive when the root causes behind major dental work is not addressed.  For example, dental implants has more than 3X failure rate in teeth grinders. Conversely, teeth grinding stops when deficient airway is reopened sufficiently (References available upon request).

SOS applies an expanded criteria for overall health, include sound sleep and head-jaws-bite-neck alignment while respecting each every prescribed treatment plan:

  • The mouth supports whole body health with energy and a healthy mouth is more than healthy teeth.
  • When the mouth is structurally impaired, whole body health suffers.
  • New solutions can help grow airway and better-looking face epigenetically.
  • ABC before D: Alignment, Breathing, Circulation before Dentistry, including smile-makeovers, extractions, and dental implants.

What Is Major Dental Work

Teeth are important “bricks” in the home-office to keep the tongue in the mouth, i.e. between the two jaws. Undersized jaws force the tongue into the throat to occupy the airway and cut off oxygen supply. As such, major dental work deserves a major review from the WholeHealth perspective.

Major dental work does not include filling a big cavity, or if you should go for deep cleaning, or if a baby tooth should be pulled. Opinions will be limited to:

  • Night Guards
  • TMJ: locking, popping, clicking, and painful jaw joints
  • Implants for more than 1 tooth
  • Crowded Teeth Treatment: cosmetic dentistry, clear trays, jaw surgery
  • Dental extractions as part of orthodontic treatment plan
  • Co-issues present: head-neck-back-and-legs-facial pains, fatigue, and other symptoms in Impaired Mouth Syndrome. Click here

If a task is done correctly from the outset, the cost of any necessary treatment is typically lower. Moreover, proper execution can prevent numerous issues from arising in the future as a result of growing the jaws and airway.

Second Opinion Grounded in WholeHealth and Epigenetics

A Healthy Mouth Is more than healthy teeth

U.S.Surgeon General Dr. David Satcher, MD (Oral Health America 2000)

A structurally impaired mouth can lead to many problems medically, dentally, mentally, emotionally, and financially, as Dr. Felix has shown with many real-life cases in his 5 books. Silo mentality is focusing on teeth while missing the whole-body connections. For example, oral contributions to sleep apnea, nagging pain, and ongoing fatigue can include:

  • Undersized jaws (with crowded teeth, TMJ pain and clicking/popping jaw joints, neck-shoulder-back pain)
  • Oversized Tongue (from hypothyroidism)
  • Misguided Mouth Usage: Double chin and pot belly
  • Undiagnosed root causes of Impaired Mouth structure: tongue-tie, habitual mouth breathing
  • Misaligned jaws and bad bite: TMJ pain, clicking popping jaw joints, neck-shoulder-back pain

Epigenetics is a new concept and practice that can painlessly regrow Impaired Mouth with crowded teeth and narrow airway, regardless of age, as long as you have enough sound natural teeth. This means you can now turn your Impaired Mouth from a health liability into an asset to support airway, alignment, breathing, circulation, and more.

How Do I Start?

Second Opinion Service starts with getting to know you. This is done through a thorough medical-dental-personal history, current and prior health records, plus an evaluation to know your current mouth status and its connections to your whole body health issues. This evaluation goes far beyond a dental x-ray before a WholeHealth-oriented second opinion can be provided.

Here are the steps to forward records and treatment plan. Please send your CBCT DICOM files as follows:

  1. Create an account on
  2. If you have Invivo 6, open your case and click File > Send File…
  3. Login with your Invivo Workspace information
  4. Enter my email at the office:
  5. Send

Dr. Felix’s extensive experience of over 40 years in treating patients and his remarkable track record of reversing medical, dental, brain and mood symptoms in the last 15 years form the basis of SOS, as shown in Dr. Liao’s five books.

Do your symptoms continue even after thorough exploration and exhaustive attempts? Are you interested in avoiding the experience of having to deal with them?

Second Opinion Services can help you make decisions based on whole body health and carry out your treatment in the right order.

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