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Check Your Holistic Mouth Score

A Holistic Mouth is a health-builder. An Impaired Mouth is a trouble-maker. The size of your airway can make the difference between thriving and just surviving. Take the quiz below to find out which kind of mouth you have.

Below is a list of common signs that your airway may be underdeveloped. Simply check those that are an issue for you.


Lack of facial symmetry (one eye, ear, or corner of the mouth higher than the other


Teeth Grinding

Mouth Breathing

Dry Mouth

Gum Recession & Redness

Clicking Jaw Joints & Zig-Zag Jaw Opening

Morning Headache & Sore Jaws

Deep Overbite or Underbite

Chipped and/or Broken Teeth

Teeth prints on the sides of tongue

Bony growth – palate or lower jaw

Sunken lips & reverse smile curve (sad)

Frequent Cavities

Braces & Teeth Extractions

Bulge under lower jaw and chin

Malocclusion (crowded teeth)


Gasping or choking in sleep

Neck & Shoulder Pain

Erectile Dysfunction or PMS

High Blood Pressure

Diabetes Type II

Weight gain & Abdominal Obesity

Heart Arrhythmia

Daytime Sleepiness & Fatigue

Senile Memory & ADD/ADHD

Stuffy or Running Nose

Stuffy/runny nose, scratchy/itchy throat

Scratchy, Itchy Throat, Acid Reflux

Ears forward of shoulder point

Poor Digestion, Poor Elimination

Urinate more than once a night

Large Neck Size (M >17, W >15)

Depression, Anxiety, Grouchiness

Your Score is: 0

Scoring: The closer your total score is to 0, the better your mouth/body health. If you score above 10, contact us today to schedule an airway evaluation with Dr. Felix.

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