Holistic Mouth For Total Health

September 05, 2014

A special segment of Dr. Liao’s upcoming book is now available and we are very excited to share it with you all!

The Holistic Mouth For Total Health – Mind-Body-Mouth Connections and Whole Health Solutions

The mouth is a major source of what ails Americans today: fatigue, pain, obesity,
inflammation, diabetes, sweet tooth, snoring, sleep apnea, teeth grinding, mood
disorders, and run-away costs.

Holistic Mouth is the first book on how the mouth shapes overall health, and how to make your mouth work for better health naturally.

Holistic Mouth is new idea coined by Dr. Liao to describe the mouths’ diverse and pivotal roles in illness and wellness.

Holistic Mouth’s unique points include:

  • 1. An Impaired Mouth is frequently the start of health’s downhill slide with domino effects mind-body-mouth, but it is hardly ever part of medical or dental care.
  • 2. Total health can be improved by straightening Impaired Mouth and its owner operator with Whole Health Solutions, as shown by Dr. Liao’s cases.
  • 3. Holistic Mouth Checkup in dental offices can screen for Sleep Apnea from oral facial signs and help save hearts and brains long before they are damaged.

Holistic Mouth is a structurally fit mouth that is sensibly used to support total health in
terms of Alignment, Breathing Circulation, Digestion, and Emotions.

An Impaired Mouth can eat, drink, talk, and smile, but its structural defects handicaps
the body and mind 24 x 7 to cause many symptoms, including chronic aches and pain, fatigue, insomnia, teeth grinding, jaw clenching, jaw joint dysfunctions, broken/cracked teeth, snoring, sleep apnea and related complications such as high blood pressure, daytime sleepiness, higher cancer mortality, heart attacks, stroke, and sudden death.

Behind all chronic pain and fatigue lies an impaired mouth, says Liao’s Law #2. This idea is sorely missing today, with high costs to many patients. They are victims of a disease-care system that mainly manages symptoms with medications and surgery.

Holistic Mouth is an essential part of Whole Health Solutions to help the body run itself
in health. Whole Health helps the body heal itself in illness by identifying and removing
health blockers. Whole Health is a seamless integration of mind-body-mouth, which is
how the body works and how health care should be.

True to dentistry’s preventive tradition, Holistic Mouth includes a chapter on Children’s
Dental-Facial Development. It shows how impaired mouth develops, and offers practical pointers to help children grow toward Holistic Mouth and winner’s face.

Holistic Mouth is also revolutionary. Holistic Mouth Checkup can proactively screen for
sleep apnea and related cardiovascular risks in dental offices long before major medical
complications appear. This can help save teeth, hearts, and lives, as well as money for
individuals, employers, insurers, and governments. This requires a new breed of properly trained holistic mouth doctors.

Holistic Mouth is written for the owner-operator of each mouth who want to steer toward
better health and natural wellness. It presents a blend of Dr. Liao’s signature Chairside
Chats with patients, My Points to start dialogues and stimulate research, evidencebased
science, time-honored wisdom, common sense, and real life cases with one mission in mind: to help readers see how Holistic Mouth can improve total health naturally, regardless of age.

Stay tuned for more excerpts and we’ll keep you updated about when the book becomes available.

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