Your Child’s Best Face

Your Child’s Best Face is a proactive program based on Epigenetics as defined by CDC: how behavior and environment can affect how genes work. Simply put, Whole Health Dental Center provides parents with guidance to nurture fuller gene expression of their children’s dental-facial structure, i.e. sufficient jaw growth for all teeth to line up straight. This is done by combining sound nutrition, healthier mouth usage, lip seal in the absence of nasal blockage, and proper swallowing 2,000 time a day. These behavioral and environmental changes are crucial drivers of desirable dental-facial growth and whole body health.

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Your Child’s Best Face: Parents’ Guide to Top Health and Natural Glow

“Best Face” here means optimal dental-facial development during the ages of 1-16, as defined by sufficient jaw growth for all teeth to line up straight naturally.

Disorder of oral facial growth as concluded by Stanford Sleep Center can lead to sleep apnea in babies without teeth. In Dr. Felix’s view, it can also lead to crowded teeth, tilted head, poor posture, and/or chapped lips, frequent colds and cavities, poor sleep, and subpar learning.

Crowded teeth means partial jaw development that can hamper airway, sleep, learning, and facial appearance. Straight white teeth comes from full gene potential in jaw-airway-facial growth. Will your child grow up with top health and natural facial glow? Will you have huge healthcare bills, or next to none?

Dr. Felix has uncovered the secret to bring on your child’s Best Face. The same plant will blossom more fully in the sunshine than in the shadows. Let us show you how by scheduling an initial consultation.

WholeHealth Kids program guides new parents from age 0-16, starting with healthier habits such as avoiding pacifiers that can cause narrower jaws, and being vigilant about causes of habitual mouth breathing that can also deform jaws and face.

Early Detection & Timely Correction

Every orthodontic case started after age 12 is a compromise”, as leading orthodontic instructor Dr. Jay Gerber puts it. That why Dr. Felix recommend all new parents read Your Child’s Best Face.

WholeHealth Kids program guides new parents from age 0-16, starting with healthier habits such as avoiding pacifiers that can cause narrower jaws, and being vigilant about causes of habitual mouth breathing that can also deform jaws and face.

Ages 7-8 are an ideal time for initial correction to put your child on the path to fuller jaw growth for straighter teeth and fuller face. Informed professional guidance at this age can help

    1. Avoid extraction of permanent teeth to alleviate crowding
    2. Grow into full genetic potential facially, academically, athletically, and socially
    3. Prevent cranial, dental, and TMJ problems (and their associated costs) later.

A Holistic Mouth Checkup is the painless and proactive place to start, especially if you recognize any of the Red Flags below.


Red Flags Recognized Early

In Dr. Felix’s experience as a leading Airway Mouth Doctor, the symptoms listed in the table of Red Flags can contribute to partial rather than fuller and even optimal dental-facial development.

  • Allergies
  • Mouth breathing
  • Dry lips
  • Headaches
  • Ear aches, stuffiness, or recurrent infections
  • Frequent colds
  • Inflamed tonsils
  • Broken nose or head trauma
  • ADHD
  • Prolonged struggle in birth canal
  • Colicky early years or spit-ups with feeding
  • Forward positioned head (ears in front of shoulders)
  • Uneven ears or eyes
  • Narrow nostrils or a deviated nose
  • Weak chin
  • Slumped posture
  • Deep chin cleft
  • Gummy smile
  • Long “horsey” face
  • Broad, flat face
  • “Fish mouth” lips in profile
  • Teeth grinding before age 6
  • Persistent thumb sucking
  • Crowded or crooked front teeth
  • Open bite (space between upper and lower teeth for thumb or tongue)
  • Deep bite (upper front teeth overlaps more than half of lower front teeth)
  • Cross bite (upper teeth fit behind lower teeth when mouth is closed)
  • Mismatched midlines of the front teeth
  • Premature loss of baby teeth without space maintainer care
  • Clicking or popping jaw joints
  • Zig-zag jaw opening instead of straight/smooth

A Holistic Mouth Checkup Is The Start toward Your Child’s Best Face

Like all parents and grandpas & grandmas, Dr. Felix want his sons and grand children grow ups ith excellent health and bright futures ahead. That’s why he created the WholeHealth Kids program by combining the teaching of Dr. Weston A. Price, Dr. A.C. Fonder, and Dr. Felix’s own experience with 21st century science and technology to bring on your child’s Best Face.

A Holistic Mouth Check up is the place to start, preferably by age 7-8 or earlier if you recognize the red flags listed above.

At that visit, which involves no pain and no poking at all, Dr. Felix will evaluate your child’s mouth, face, and posture for red flags, and make recommendations as if the child was his own.

If intervention is needed, parents will receive guidance on the next step that can include diagnostic records that includes clinical photos, dental molds, and an X-ray or CT scan as appropriate for each child.
Then he will assemble all data gathered to formulate a WholeHealth treatment plan that will include sound nutrition for growing jaws, appropriate oral expander appliances, and referral(s) to like0mind health professionals if needed.

Your child’s Best Face starts going right or wrong from birth. Early recognition and correction beats a pound of costlier cure later.

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