7 Reasons Your Baby Might Be Grinding Teeth — Is it Harmful?

Jun 15, 2023

Dental care is essential from the moment the first tooth sprouts through a baby’s gums. Your infant may be unable to talk or speak, but they can communicate their needs and wants using non-verbal cues. Hence, even if they cannot tell you they are in pain, you can still keep an eye out for any […]

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Tooth Eruptions!

Jul 2, 2014

Delayed Tooth Eruption Case “I want braces, and I want them NOW!” – M.C. 6 1/2 years old, Whole Health Kids Patient MC was 6 1/2 years old, and had been pestering her mom for nearly a year. She was becoming so self-conscious that “she was too shy to smile”, according to her mom. Mrs. […]

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Baby-Led Weaning

Jan 23, 2014

For Better Dental-Facial Development Malocclusion literally means bad bite, which can show up in children as crowded or buck teeth, weak chin, deep overbite, open bite, under bite, finger sucking, teeth grinding. Adults with malocclusion often suffer neck pain, headaches, back pain, low thyroid,, depression, anxiety, sleep apnea, teeth grinding, dental sensitivities, root canals, accelerated […]

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Your Child’s Medical-Dental Fate: A Tale of Two Dental Arches

Aug 14, 2013

As a parent, I didn’t want my child, or any child, to grow up with nasty medical-dental fates. Whole Health Kids Program. I’d love to share with you a story with you about two of my patients, if you will indulge me, the moral of these stories and how they may help your children, will […]

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Pottenger’s Cats: Nutritional Lessons For Your Children’s Dental-Facial Growth

Aug 12, 2013

Lessons From Pottenger’s Cats “If proper nutrition and exercise are absent when facial structures are developing, dentition always suffers. The kitten kept on a deficient diet for 10 months has an inadequate jaw with crowded, irregular and poorly aligned teeth.” Dr. Francis Pottenger, Jr., MD, author of Pottenger’s Cats Studies. (Pottenger’s Cats, Price-Pottenger Foundation, 1983) […]

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