Can Tongue Thrust Be Corrected in Adults

November 15, 2023

Are you familiar with the phrase” old habits die hard”? As you approach adulthood, your habits grow old with you and strengthen with time. Tongue thrust is one of them, to address it among adults. It needs an intense therapeutic plan paired with dedication and patience. However, considering rewards like improved speech clarity and enhanced dental health can keep you going.

Signs of Tongue Thrust in Adults

Tongue thrust among babies is usual; they can develop it due to the excessive use of pacifiers, thumb sucking, breastfeeding, etc. It is supposed to vanish in a couple of months, but if it fails to go away, it turns into a habit.

Have you ever wondered why your partner or a friend sounds strange when they speak? Tongue thrust it can be. Here are a few other signs to spot it among adults:

  • The constant push and pull against teeth while lying vacant.
  • Pushing teeth while eating or speaking.
  • Rolling tongue back in place after swallowing a bite.
  • Smacking lips often, especially after eating.
  • Excessive exposure of tongue through the teeth while speaking.

Tongue Thrust Treatment for Adults

A tongue thrust treatment for adults can be challenging for a general dentist. However, not impossible. Dr. Felix at Whole Health Dental Center, with his extensive experience, can help. He champions cross-training for healthcare professionals to align the mind, body, and mouth. Let’s discover a practical way to treat tongue thrust in adults.

Myofunctional Therapy

It is a kind of physical therapy to address the muscles of one’s face, neck, mouth, and tongue. Such therapy aims to enhance one’s biting pattern (the way their jaws and teeth align) along with one’s facial posture and breathing. Myofunctional therapy, like any other physical therapy, is also designed according to every patient’s unique requirements.

It can greatly help if the patient struggles with speech impairment or bedtime snoring, as their inadequate oral resting posture can cause chronic tiredness. Remember that myofunctional therapy can only be provided by licensed dental professionals like Dr. Felix at Whole Health Dental Center. Your therapy outcomes rely on your dedication to the treatment, such as practicing the exercises at home.

Chances of Success for Tongue Thrust Patients

Some individuals might lose hope when treating tongue thrust in adults, considering they have always been functioning like this. It is a treatable condition; just trust the process. Chances for full tongue thrust correction are high if you follow through with every therapy appointment with your healthcare provider.

You must also consider tackling underlying health issues that cause tongue thrusting. When you resolve them and adhere to your treatment strategy, tongue thrusting should carry a 100% success rate.

Bottom Line

Myofunctional therapy is, to date, the most helpful method to treat tongue thrust in adults. It improves your oral rest posture, facial profile, and tongue patterns. If you suffer from sleep apnea and snoring, your airways are probably narrowed. We at Whole Health Dental Center can help; call (703) 385-6425 to reach out.

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