Can A Tooth Infection Cause A Sore Throat?

April 15, 2024

The throat is a passageway from the oral cavity to the esophagus. Anything wrong inside the oral cavity can disrupt it. This makes people wonder, “Can a tooth infection cause a sore throat?” yes, it can. This is most common in the case of impacted wisdom teeth.

The Connection Between Teeth and Throat

Certain teeth, especially those in the upper jaw, are near the maxillary sinus, connected to the nose. A bad tooth infection could move to the sinus, leading to sinusitis. Sinusitis symptoms can include a sore throat. Also, infections in upper molars could spread to the throat because their roots are close to it.

How Dental Infection Spreads

When a tooth infection spreads, it can create paths for bacteria to move, possibly reaching the throat and causing irritation. Bacteria in the throat can lead to throat pain, just like other infections. The body’s reaction to the bacteria can worsen the soreness.

  • Through Nerve Connections
    The nerves in the mouth and throat are connected, so pain from an infected tooth can also feel like it’s coming from the throat. This is because the brain may interpret the pain signals from the tooth as throat pain.
  • Through the Weakened Immune System
    A tooth infection can weaken the body’s defenses, making it easier to get other infections, including sore throats. The immune system focuses on fighting the tooth infection, leaving the throat more vulnerable to other germs.

How Do I Know If My Tooth Infection Has Spread to My Throat?

If you’re running a fever, your face is swelling, and you can’t contact your dentist, head to the emergency room. Going to the ER is also crucial if you’re having difficulty breathing or swallowing. These signs might mean the infection has spread further into your jaw, throat, neck, or even to other parts of your body.

Sore Throat from Tooth Infection Treatment

When a tooth infection causes a sore throat, dentists focus on treating the affected teeth. For wisdom teeth causing problems like cavities and infections, dentists often remove them to prevent further issues and maintain teeth alignment.

When dealing with abscessed teeth, dentists drain the pus by making a small cut and then cleaning the infected areas inside the tooth. If cavities are the culprit, dentists have various treatments depending on the severity of the decay.

If the infection has reached deep into the tooth, they might perform a root canal treatment (RCT), or they might need to surgically remove the tooth if it can’t be saved.

Key Takeaway

A common query is,” Can a tooth infection cause a sore throat?” The answer is yes; untreated infections cause a sore throat, trouble speaking, and the production of too much mucus.

Therefore, don’t delay your treatment. Visit Dr.Felix at Whole Health Dental Center. Our doctor is board-certified by the American Board of General Dentistry and a Diplomate in America Sleep & Breathing Academy with 40 years of experience. Dial (703) 385-6425 to book an appointment.

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Can A Tooth Infection Cause A Sore Throat?

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The throat is a passageway from the oral cavity to the esophagus. Anything wrong inside the oral cavity can disrupt it. This makes people wonder, “Can a tooth infection cause a sore throat?” yes, it can. This is most common in the case of impacted wisdom teeth. The Connection Between Teeth and Throat Certain teeth, […]

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