The Whole Health Approach

Discover Your Mouth’s Missing Links to Total Health

Your mouth is responsible for more of your health challenges than most dental and medical professionals realize. And probably far more than you ever imagined, too.

All mouths are NOT created equal. A structurally impaired mouth creates many health troubles that lead to higher medical and dental bills and lower quality of life.

Oral Contribution to WholeHealth: Simple as ABCDES

Six factors are basic to human thriving: alignment, breathing, circulation, digestion, energy, and sleep – or, as Dr. Felix puts it, ABCDES.

A holistic mouth is one that has the right form and function to support those factors, and, thus, whole body health. An impaired mouth can eat, drink, talk, and even smile, but its deficient structure handicaps ABCDES and disrupts sleep.

A holistic mouth is a health-builder. An impaired-mouth is a trouble-maker.

Think sleep apnea, and all the health woes it can contribute to, from hypertension to cognitive impairment. Think of chronic headaches and body pain. Think of one dental problem after another, despite good hygiene habits. Think overweight that persists despite your best effort to drop those extra pounds.

In a world in which dentistry and medicine are seen as two separate, it’s easy to think that none of those ills have anything to do with the others. In fact, research has revealed a vast array of mouth-body connections that show dentistry and medicine to be two sides of the same coin.

When structural deficiencies in the mouth are addressed along with other lifestyle factors that can contribute to poor health, that individual’s life can be radically turned around for the better.

That, in essence, is the Whole Health approach.

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