5 Signs Your Headache is Caused by TMJ

June 15, 2024

Many people may not know it, but headaches are indicative of underlying medical conditions that require immediate attention. It’s hard to determine the cause of a headache; it can be caused by stress, certain drugs, or even intense exercise. However, you might not be aware of another frequent reason for headaches, which is jaw pain. Here are 5 signs your headache is caused by TMJ.

5 Signs Your Headache is Due to TMJ

Below are the 5 signs your headache could be related to TMJ:

1. Problem with the Bite

The TMJ is the only joint in the human body that is complicated by having 28 teeth lodged between its opening and closing motion. Our bite, or the point where our teeth meet, determines its location.

Therefore, there is a strong chance that your TMJ joints are out of alignment if your bite feels strange or your teeth don’t fit together properly. If so, headache and exhaustion will result from the muscles that must move, stabilize, and support the joints.

2. Jaw Activity

Timing is an important factor here. If you get a headache after chewing gum, biting your fingernails, eating hard foods, or engaging in other activities that put extra strain on your jaw, it can be a sign that your headache is caused by TMJ.

3. Clicking or Popping of Jaw

Every part of your body ought to function smoothly; they must spin silently and without making any noise. The bottom portion of the joint, known as the condyle, is out of alignment if your jaw snaps or clicks as you open or close your mouth.

The popping does not hurt, but it is an indication that the joint is misaligned and requires therapy. The headache will come from the tired muscles that have to stabilize the joint in that incorrect posture.

4. Forward Head Posture

Forward head posture is when your head is in front of your shoulders when you stand up straight; this posture affects your airway and bite. Your neck’s muscles and vertebrae are put under more tension and strain the more forward of the central axis it is. This issue can cause severe headaches as well as sharp neck pain.

5. Snoring

A number of elements contribute to snoring, but the posture of our lower jaw is one of the most significant. We snore when our tongue is positioned a little bit too far back because it vibrates on our soft palate and blocks our airway. Thus, although snoring itself causes headaches, it also indicates that our lower jaw is positioned too far back, and the pain is caused by TMJ.

Final Say!

Headaches can be an indication of a number of issues, meaning you should not ignore a migraine if it comes with vomiting or fever. This blog has explained 5 signs your headache is caused by TMJ, if you can relate to any of the above-mentioned symptoms, you must see a doctor ASAP.

For better understanding regarding the issue, visit Whole Health Dental Centre and call (703) 385-6425 to book your appointment.

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5 Signs Your Headache is Caused by TMJ

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Many people may not know it, but headaches are indicative of underlying medical conditions that require immediate attention. It’s hard to determine the cause of a headache; it can be caused by stress, certain drugs, or even intense exercise. However, you might not be aware of another frequent reason for headaches, which is jaw pain. […]

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